The Brother Named El

Jun 16


Apr 07

Making sense of Makers of Sense: Part 2 - YouTube -

We’ll I know I’ve been absent posting but… that’s not to say that I haven’t been grinding! This part II of the video log shedding some light on our musical and show process.

Feb 20



Aug 07


Jun 18

May 02

Old School Wednesday

As we take trip back in time… The year is 1998, the track is Broke As Hell (Droppin’ Shit on Wax) the group is Earatik Statik. We tore up many shows with this one! Ironically, we never recorded a record version. It was always rocked live from the instrumental. Who does that?

Apr 30


Apr 28

Diggin in the Crates for Books

The original Beat Street script was released entitled, Looking for the Perfect Beat  digitally by author and cannabis activist Steven Hager If you didn’t know, that was one of my favorite period movies. I always knew it was more to the story plus in many ways I lived it too…

Apr 20